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REPORTS TO: Managing Director


The Exam Manager is responsible for all exam related activities for IFSE proficiency courses with the goal of ensuring the integrity, high-quality, and reliability of IFSE exams. The Exam Manager will be accountable for the full exam process including policies and standards, exam development, exam delivery, student support, and vendor and contractor management.


  1. Develops, maintains, and enforces all exam related policies, documents, guidelines and standards. Ensures ongoing continuous quality improvement and exceptional quality assurance for all aspects of exam development and delivery.
  2. Oversees and manages the exam development process including but not limited to formulating exam blueprints, recruiting and training subject matter experts, translating and finalizing exam items, and completing all quality assurance activities.
  3. Oversees and manages the logistics, technology, and quality control to provide error-free administration and delivery of the exams on a national basis. Enforces a level of integrity checks and process controls to protect the security of the exam.
  4. Oversees and manages all post-exam functions including but not limited to addressing vendor service issues, performing regular exam reviews, analyzing exam statistics and data, and conducting quality assurance processes.
  5. Manages student issues including but not limited to creating and maintaining student policies, investigating reported incidents of misconduct, facilitating exam accommodations, managing appeals and challenges, and drafting exam-related communications.
  6. Stays current on industry, external regulatory and best practices for exam development, delivery and administration (e.g. technology changes, upgrades, value for investment).
  7. Liaises with third-party vendors and contractors that provide services such as exam invigilation, delivery, item creation, psychometric services, etc.
  8. Acts as the main point of contact for all exam-related issues including but not limited to breaches of exam security, student misconduct investigations, quality control concerns, and vendor performance problems. May also represent IFSE to regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.
  9. Demonstrates a clear and firm understanding of the vision, mission, values, and objectives of IFSE and uses that knowledge to develop and align with the Director on setting department priorities, responsibilities, tasks, and goals in keeping with IFSE’s strategic direction.
  10. Other duties commensurate with this position may be assigned.


  • 5 years’ experience managing high-stakes exams and processes
  • University Degree in a related field or equivalent experience
  • Familiarity and comfort with psychometric principles and skills and thorough knowledge of assessment validity and reliability principles and practices
  • Experience in effectively managing an operational program, projects, and a professional team with administrative responsibilities involving recruitment and training of resources and developing and managing budgets
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills and strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated experience in prioritizing and successfully managing multiple tasks concurrently
  • Proven track record in developing and maintaining positive stakeholder relationships
  • Fluency in both official languages is an asset
  • Knowledge of financial services is an asset

To apply, email resumés to careers@ifse.ca. We appreciate all responses, however, only those qualified will be selected for an interview at this time.

To apply for this job email your details to careers@ifse.ca